Saturday, March 8, 2008

Boxcar Presents

       So, here is a fairly rare record for all you Discount collectors. Andrew Chadwick ran a label here called Boxcar Records, and his first release was going to be a CD compilation titled "My Mom Likes These Songs". Andrew put together the comp and sent it out to get pressed. Problem was, he went through Mike Warden (CTW Records) to get this done. Mike, being the scumbag that he is, took the money and never pressed the CD.

       After several months of going back and forth, a benefit show was held at the old schoolhouse in Vero Beach to raise money to press it. The show was a success, even though it WAS a bit of a fiasco, with the venue change at the last minute. The money was raised to press the cd. 
       Amazingly enough, after pressure from Var at No Idea and other people, Mike sent the money back (or the finished cds'??) and all of a sudden Andrew had all this extra cash. So, he made this 7", featuring the bands who played the benefit show, and gave it out for free around the state. I would venture to say that a lot of these were left in cars and melted, or thrown away.
   Here is the track listing:
1. Stizzle - Pointless Pencil
2. Flatspots - Richie Vicious 
3. Wolfdaddys - Blown Away
4. Discount - Golden Girls
5. Stizzle - Lil' Susy
The vinyl to CD rip sounds like crap, sorry about that, also, listen all the way through after Lil' Susy (Which is a horrible song) and here a funny answering machine message from Mike Warden. (Really, I just listened to it again, this rip sounds like garbage....just warning you....)


Damian said...

aaahhhh yeeaahhh...
i still have this record! it amazes me to think back to old Discount shows when Alison was all shy ans soft-spoken, and to see her now all sexed-up and shit. what a change.
and man, the Flatspots and Stizzle were so much fun.

mikectw said...

Would be interested in hearing that Mp3. Actually being the scumbag that I never was I was trying to help musicians and labels and what not getting cds done through the same pressing plant I was using. Of course being the entrepreneur that I am I was one of the first indie labels to interact with major CD pressing facilities to work out partnership deals. Now, everyone and their mother have become CD brokers.

The way I remember it is I sent the money to the pressing plant and then they kept the money revoking my 60 day net terms and they would not press the CDS. This happened to a few projects and unfortunately it did delay many of them but in the end everything got worked out.

Email me at

djnightmare said...

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