Monday, March 17, 2008

New Mexican Disaster Squad

New Mexican Disaster Squad - Second Demo

So, I was originally going to put up a picture of the pre-NMDS band Community Service, but I don't have those pictures on my computer. Anyway, this is the squads second demo, which ended up being released as the split CD with Destination Daybreak. Song names are missing on 2 of the tracks, those are the two that did not make the CD. Of course, NMDS goes on from this to tour the world, become semi-well known, and still not able to pay the bills with the band. I don't know what to say about these guys, really......I hardly ever see them anymore but Sam and Richard are two guys I will consider to be friends forever.

Anyway, here is the demo:


Damian said...

i may have one or 2 Community Service photos. i'll poke around and see if i do and try to email em to you.

NMDS was a world apart from CService. harder, faster and non-jokey. NMDS really should be bigger than they are.

Martin Plunkett said...

the link doesn't work!!!

Martin Plunkett said...

If you have their first releases...
especially these ones
# Acid Washed Face (1998)
# Weapons and Equipment of Counter Terrorism 7" (1999)
# New Mexican Disaster Squad/Destination: Daybreak Split (2000) (Breaker Breaker Records)

could you upload these please!
Thanx dood!