Sunday, March 9, 2008

Culture / Roosevelt

       Released on Intention Records. We will start with Culture. Edge? Check. Vegan? Check. Metal? Check. South Florida had their very own Metal core edge band in Culture. This split features Demian on vocals, who later sang for Morning Again and after that As Friends Rust. They had a pretty good interview in an older issue of Inside Front, where Demian discusses his views on the environment, straight edge, and our place in the world.

       Roosevelt, on the other hand, are emo. No, not emo as in My Chemical Romance, but emo in the tradition of Revolution Summer. I have only heard 4 songs of theirs, and this is easily my favorite. Featuring shouted vocals, singing, chunky parts, and more. Truly one of Florida's great unheard of bands. Again, I have only heard 4 songs, but every one of them are killer. The other 3 were released on Boxcar Records, and I believe can still be purchased from No Idea Records.

Track List:
Culture: Exchange
Roosevelt: Smile


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting these songs online.

I was back in FL this weekend and happened to drive past the Old School House, where a lot of the Culture and Roosevelt shows took place. In fact, now that I think about it, I vividly remember glue-sticking the layout for that 7” together in the front seat of my car at a show there. I had to turn it in to Jon that night and I was dragging ass.

As I stepped out of my car I could feel fresh mulch crunch under my foot, I could hear children on a recently built playground.

A new wheel chair ramp, a fresh coat of paint.

I had expected to find it long torn down, turned into a strip mall. At least fallen into dereliction and disrepair. But it was being maintained. Preserved. No immediate threat breathing down its battened windows, its fresh locks. Still surrounded by orange groves as far as the eye can see.

James Glayat

Anonymous said...

I too loved the Old School House and I'm glad to hear it's still standing and being taken care of.